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Stole Logo

Creating maximum impact via a brand partnership and having an Absolutely Fabulous time along the way

Creative, Experiential, Trade


Stolichnaya vodka is an iconic brand, yet it faces stiff competition from other premium vodkas in the UK market.

Ab Fab’s originality reflects that of Stoli and its target audience, as well as having a strong connection with the LGBT community. So, when Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie premiered in 2016, it was only natural for Stoli UK to support the release through a 360° brand partnership campaign.

White Label designed and produced all the artwork and assets to bring the campaign to life, from the initial lock-up through to the Stoli x Ab Fab float for London Pride where there were 18,629 views on Time Out’s Facebook live stream of the parade.




samples over 2 days


GIFs taken


sales leads captured

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