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The Sipsmith Gin Palace introduced Sipsmith to the US market through a celebration of things well made

Creative, Experiential, Trade, PR

The Sipsmith Gin Palace introduced Sipsmith to the US market through a celebration of things well made.

Taking over Academy Mansion on the Upper East Side, we created three bespoke activity areas for guests to travel through, including a tutored tasting of Sipsmith key expressions and a Martini throwing demonstration. All areas had custom built bars, one of which was a replica of that at the London distillery.

Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed entertainment from a live jazz trio as well as takeaway gifts in the form of Sipsmith stirring glasses, up-cycled from London Dry Gin bottles that could be personalised on-site, reinforcing the celebration of hand-craft.





attendees above target



from launch night


Sell-out event

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