Re-launching Opihr’s World Adventure Cocktail Competition to build long term bartender brand advocacy

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Opihr wanted to re-launch their World Adventure Cocktail Competition in a way that would win over the long term love of bartenders.

Taking inspiration from the Ancient Spice Route that so strongly influences the brand, we set out to build Opihr’s very own community of trader bartenders. From around the world, they were invited to trade a cocktail recipe on Instagram with the aim to hero their own local ingredients.

We then hosted 8 regional winners in Istanbul, where east meets west along the Ancient Spice Route for 4 days of cultural and culinary immersion ahead of the World Final. Along the way, bartenders were challenged to take inspiration from the city, the local tradesmen they met and also their fellow bartenders. Their final drink was a cocktail that had to reflect their learnings and transcend borders, cities and cultures.



increase in entries post re-launch


engagements with creative launch content


core participating markets

I can make anyone a cocktail. But to sell one I have to love it and I love Opihr” – Salvo Calvo, Netherlands

“Mind-blowing activities in Istanbul … 10/10 from me!”
Simone Caporale, Final Judge

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