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The Makers Logo

The Makers is a series of intimate workshops in which creative bartenders learn new skills from master craftsmen – in return for teaching them how to make a classic Maker’s Mark cocktail.

Creative, Global Toolkit, Trade, Experiential

The Makers-Brasstamp
The Makers

Just like the Maker’s Mark bottles, each Maker is a unique individual. They are tactile and passionate craftspeople who work with their hands a lot. Every fingerprint is unique to the individual.

By incorporating The Maker’s fingerprint into ‘The Makers’ logo, they are provided with their own unique handmade Maker’s Mark — their seal of approval. This creates a personal connection and symbolises the Maker’s Mark values of handmade, craft, passion and individuality.

The Makers
The Makers
The Makers
The Makers
The Makers-recipe
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