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Laphroaig Logo

A campaign that’s more than a campaign, for a brand that doesn’t act like a brand

Creative, Campaign, Experiential, Strategy, Digital, Trade


Laphroaig is a unique, smoky and complex liquid, as iconic as the incredibly strong reactions that it provokes; of love, hate and sometimes both.

Opinions Welcome puts drinkers at the heart of the campaign by encouraging them to voice their opinions through a number of online and offline touch-points.

In return, we have celebrated the diverse and interesting opinions shared over the years through competitions, experiential activations, tastings, surprise and delight gifts, and video content. This not only adds up to an award-winning campaign, but also double-digit brand growth year on year.





opinions submitted via number touchpoints


million Combined video views



sales increase in the US in the first 6 months

Tramadol Purchase Overnight All Projects Tramadol Next Day Visa