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Making Highland Park stand apart from the crowd as a brand that people love, not just like 

Design, Advertising, Creative, Campaign, Strategy, Digital, Identity

Highland Park is the Orkney Single Malt with viking soul. The brand celebrates communities that live against the grain and we needed a clear, understandable articulation of this purpose. 

A Tribe Apart is a celebration of the individuals behind the craft of the liquid, who live and work tirelessly on the mostly uninhabited Isles of Orkney, united by a set of values and principles.

They are driven by their pride, integrity, courage and fierce independence.

This campaign celebrates the meaning behind the platform with visually arresting and disruptive creative that occupied large scale ATL formats across Scotland and the UK, as well as on social channels. 



Ad Recall (1.9x higher than Nielsen’s benchmark of 5%)


impressions delivered


rolled out in other key markets

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