Captivating consumer attention in a crowded brand landscape

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In order to create ultimate standout at a crowded London Cocktail Week, we embarked on bringing a berry-squeezing experience to life for consumers.

LCW-goers raced against the stopwatch squishing 1 punnet of berries in a bespoke-built vat to make as much juice as possible in time to beat the top scorer of the day. Not only did this drive participation, interaction and engagement alongside our Wild Berry Bar of deliciously designed cocktails, but it served as the perfect platform for retailing stock.

The same concept was also re-purposed to provide yet more of a Wild Berry buzz at The Ideal Home Show.



vat stomping participants




revenue from bottle sales

We thought the Greenall’s activation was excellent… the interaction elements, the ‘noise’ it made in the space and the opportunities for social coverage – we’ve seen it come up a lot. Great job!” – DRINKUP LDN TEAM

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