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We told the process story of El Tesoro in a way that stands our from competitors and champions the artisanal heritage of the brand.

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The process of making El Tesoro Tequila is a laborious one. The distillery continuous to honor the same traditions that their founder, Don Felipe, inspired over 80 years ago. Much of the process is still done by hand, requiring great care and hard work. But what is truly special about El Tesoro isn’t just the tools or methods, but the community of people that put their heart soul into the tequila. That is where the true craftsmanship lies. 

To capture this spirit, we traveled down to La Alteña distillery and spent a week with the workers. They showed us the tequila-making process, shared stories about who they are, and gave us an intimate look into their way of life. From this trip we created four different films, each from the perspective and voice of a different member of the El Tesoro community.

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