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Launching The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey across London, Dublin and Belfast with three nights of bad behaviour

Design, Trade, Experiential, Toolkit, PR, Strategy, Campaign

Taking place in London, Dublin and Belfast, the UK launch of iconic Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey had to be every bit as captivating and formidable as the brand itself.

With the aim of securing top tier accounts across the on-trade, we made sure The Dead Rabbit’s introduction to the market generated all the right kind of noise through developing a 360 launch plan with the theme of “contraband” at its heart. A constant buzz of mystery and anticipation surrounded the the launches with pre-event guerrilla and PR stunts, event production and dressing, as well as post event amplification tactics. 

To round things off properly, we delivered an event toolkit providing global markets to facilitate yet more successful launches of The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey in further territories.


Ordering Tramadol From Canada - Order Tramadol Australia



 on-trade listings in the week post event


 social reach from the three evenings

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