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Courvoisier Logo

Creating a brand where anything is possible

Creative, Identity, Advertising, Campaign, Strategy, NPD, Retail, Trade, Toolkit


We worked with Courvoisier across an array of brand outputs. Highlights include: creating a 4,000 litre punch that people floated across, naming their luxury edition, creating a 6m high pedal powered punch machine called Josephine, making them the first brand to partner with Punchdrunk Theatre company, creating a paper cut diorama that is still a central feature of their visitor centre, and most recently, conceiving their Café Courvoisier programme.

White Label also built the global brand foundations across Courvoisier’s online media channels through a comprehensive digital plan. This included the conception and delivery of a new multi-platform website, as well as the launch of a global Facebook page that saw it grow from 0 to 53k likes in just three months. We also ran an innovative Instagram competition which delivered over 400 entries.




tickets for Architectural Punchbowl were sold out in 12 hours



PR digital reach

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