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Craft the foundations of a brand

Brand strategy, brand positioning, storytelling, brand identity, aesthetic and tone of voice

We believe brands aren’t what you tell people they are, they’re what people decide they are. By crafting a clear foundation for your brand – defining what you stand for, your mission, how you behave, and telling the right stories – we can make sure that the label is one you deserve. A label that is unique amongst your competitive set and connects to the needs and emotions of both consumers and the trade.

Auchentoshan Distilled Different

A shiny new brand positioning, brand world and serve strategy to create an iconic malt whisky for next-gem drinkers.

Auchentoshan Brand

Brand strategy

  • Research & insight mining
  • Focus groups
  • Planning

Brand positioning

  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer and trade analysis
  • Workshops

Brand aesthetic

  • Concept ideation
  • Creative development
  • Design
  • Brand guidelines